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How Many Clothes Do You Need For A Baby?

Building a little wardrobe with baby clothing is the most exciting and confusing of all the preparations you make for welcoming your baby home. 

Whether shopping online or offline, resisting the charm of cute little outfits for your little ones with adorable designs is next to impossible. 

Babies outgrow these little outfits fast. 

That’s why selecting the wardrobe with more than the required little clothes you need makes no sense. And it puts you in the dilemma of what to choose and what not to choose.

And that’s where we come to your rescue. Stay with us to know exactly how many clothes you need for a baby.


baby wearing a onesie

At the top of the list are cute baby onesies

These one-piece leisure garments are the wardrobe staple for your baby. These are versatile and super convenient for you to dress your baby with. 

You can layer them with cute pants or rompers in the winter to keep your little one warm. 

In summer, pair these with little shorts to keep them cool and relaxed. Hence we recommend you buy 5-6 onesies.  

While shopping for one of these cute baby onesies, always check the material it is made of. A good quality onesie would be made with soft cotton fabric. 

Cotton is a hypoallergenic material that suits the baby's skin and keeps them comfortable all day. 

Also, do check on the closure type to ensure ease while changing outfits. Go for a onesie with a snap closure at the bottom, making the dress-changing time a happy time. 


newborn baby girl in a gown

Rest assured, as parents, you want your little kiddo to have a nice and peaceful sleep so they wake up with the brightest smile on their adorable faces. 

And for them to have a nice sleep at night, they need to be dressed in the most comfortable baby clothing that’ll stay in place when your baby moves or shifts while dreaming of unicorns and rainbows (or whatever they prefer). 

And the only baby clothing that fits this profile is a gown. 

A comfortable loose gown with tremendous space to let your baby move its legs without feeling constricted is a must. 

Also, the most important thing is that it should be lined with elastic at the hem to protect your baby from the cold when they kick out their legs.

Though available in many color options, an haute couture gown in custom-made fabric and unique prints has an antique charm that’s hard to resist. 

Deck up the wardrobe with 4-5 comfortable gowns for a comfortable sleep time for your baby.

Legging Set

baby wearing a legging

Baby clothing is all about comfort, convenience, and cute prints. 

Another type of outfit that would keep your little one warm and cozy is a legging set. 

Not only are these easy to dress up your baby with, but they also are super convenient to dress down. 

You need 2-3 legging sets for your baby would be just enough to keep the rotation on. 

Other Essential Accessories

newborn baby boy in a baby cap

What if we say that to stay comfy and warm, no amount of a onesie, gown, and legging set is enough for your little baby? 


Don’t be. 

These adorable baby clothes are essential for your baby, but these can only cover the little body. What about that cute round head, tiny fingers, and toes?  

For those tiny fingers and toes, tiny mittens and booties are also essential. And for that small head hat and beanie is what you need. 

Buy a couple of pairs of each of these and now your wardrobe with basics is ready. Or you can buy a 21-piece layette set for your little kiddo to get every wardrobe essential in one box. 

Always prefer legging sets made of soft, stretchy, and breathable material to keep your baby comfy.

Things to Keep in Mind

Now with a specific count of baby clothing items, you must be confident and clear with your shopping checklist. 

However, it’s imperative to understand that these numbers mentioned here may or may not work for you. How and why you must be thinking right now. Let us answer it. 

The chance that the count of baby clothing would work depends on at least three important factors. 

One is the frequency of laundry, which you’d be able to do as the more you wash, the less you need in rotation.

And the second is the size. As parents buying clothes for their unborn child can only guess the size of the baby so it is important to consider this factor while investing in baby clothing of certain sizes. 

Here is a tip: a slightly bigger size outfit won’t do any harm.

The next factor is affordability. Buying baby clothes can poke a hole in your pocket. While buying, look for both quality and prices. 

Though the first two factors would come into play later the affordability issue can be sorted beforehand. Visit, Shop Baby Boutiques and get the widest range of infant and toddler cute clothes under one roof! Get started with the little wardrobe today! 

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